Action Team Icon Action Teams

Several members of the ITLC and its board will form Action Teams to break down certain aspects of the community and see them through to completion. It is our hope that these subcommittees will ensure the more granular and detailed work for various projects and goals will be accomplished through these teams.

Boot Camp Planning Team

Organizing the IT Leaders Boot Camp held each year at Bradford Woods.
  • Denise Craig (chair, board rep)
  • Deb Allmayer (board rep)
  • Zach Carnagey
  • Lynn Crohn
  • Michael Dalton
  • Nate Pairitz
  • Lesley Grider
  • Tony Walker

Major Events Action Team

This team will be responsible for overall event planning, such as any dealings with the annual MOR Conference, Statewide IT, and more. Stay tuned for more information on this team.

  • Nathan Byrer (board rep)
  • Deb Allmayer
  • Michele Kelmer
  • Tammy Pardue

Workshops Action Team

Workshops and other events held throughout the year on a variety of leadership topics.
  • Michele Kelmer
  • Melanie Ebdon
  • Myriam Young (board rep)

Reading and Discussion Groups Action Team

Discussion on books, articles, MOR Associates' Tuesday Readings, TED Talks, and more
  • Julie Parmenter (chair)
  • Michele Kelmer

Speaker Series Action Team

Find and invite guest speakers with presentation topics that are relevant to leadership and would be of interest to the ITLC community.
  • Donna Arkins (board rep)
  • Eric Westfall
  • Maria Whitaker

IU Women in Technology Action Team

"IUWIT is a staff-led organization focused on advancing women in technology on all eight IU campuses through education, mentorship, and open dialogue."
This action team, connected closely with CEWIT and the ITLC, will coordinate events and other resources for the important relationship of leadership and women in IT.
  • Melanie Ebdon
  • Megan May 
  • Kim Murday
  • Laura Centeno-Diaz
  • Myriam Young (chair and board rep)
  • Michele Kelmer (board rep)
  • Noma Maier
  • Renee Petrina

Mentorships Action Team

One of the goals of the ITLC is to provide a foundation and some mechanisms to formally establish and maintain mentorship and peer coaching relationships. More details are forthcoming, but we encourage folks to get involved and ask questions of the board at any time!
  • Tony Walker (chair)
  • Deb Allmayer (board rep)
  • Zach Carnagey
  • Christy Cavanaugh
  • Denise Craig (board rep)
  • Matt Sargent (board rep)