Featured alumni

Nate Pairitz

"The best thing about Boot Camp was the people. Meeting all the participants and being able to hear from AVPs and others from around IU as they spoke and shared their knowledge."

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Chris Tompkins

"The experience provided a rare opportunity to develop meaningful professional relationships with an incredibly diverse set of colleagues that would not have been possible otherwise."

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Megan May

"Be fearless. There are so many great ideas that never see the light of day because people are scared they'll look dumb or assume it's been tried before. It's better to try and fail than to never try at all."

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Michele Kelmer

"Whether you attend an ITLC workshop, participate in the book club, or serve on an ITLC action team, I encourage you to make time to continue to build and hone your leadership skills."

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Ian Washburn

"Embracing the vision is understanding that you are part of something larger than yourself. Here, we are actually part of something I consider a noble effort."

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Tom Visnius

"Thanks to IT Leadership Boot Camp, I spent deep, quality hours with many colleagues and made new friends with whom I regularly keep in touch in the CIB or at Statewide IT."

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Mark Napier

"JUST DO IT. I was skeptical at the start, but quickly realized that this was no ordinary leadership program."

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Renee Jackson

"Because of my love of working with people and technology, every role I’ve held with IU has been in client support."

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Teresa Velasquez

"Along with 29 other UITS colleagues, I was the fortunate recipient of an invitation to participate in this year's IT Leadership Boot Camp." Read more in IT Connections >>

Lee Staton

"There's an art to being direct and yet conveying to a person that you care about them as a human being." Read more in IT Connections >>

Matt Sargent

"One of the biggest takeaways I had from a specific Boot Camp session was the need to step back and take some time to look at the bigger picture." Read more in IT Connections >>

Nathan Byrer

"After the IT Leadership Program, I felt like I was empowered to be a leader in any setting." Read more in IT Connections >>

Anna Lynch

"I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now without that professional development." Read more in IT Connections >>

Tim Ryder

"Both Boot Camp and ITLP opened my eyes to how I can be a better person and leader." Read more in IT Connections >>

Lynne Crohn

"I found that I am a better public speaker than I thought and have had a couple of public speaking engagements since Boot Camp." Read more in IT Connections >>

Myriam Young

"Being part of the IT Leadership Program was a transformative experience for me." Read more in IT Connections >>

All ITLP and Boot Camp alumni

(last updated: March 2018 includes ITLP and IT Boot Camp participants through 2017)

Cohort Last Name First Name
ITLP 2015 Adams Jennifer
ITBC 2010 Adnane Hafid
ITBC 2011 SWITC Ahlgrim Kevin
ITLP 2014 Aikman Chuck
ITBC 2011 Alfs Camille S
ITLP CIC 1 Allmayer Deb
ITLP 2009 Ames Pat
ITLP 2009 Anderson Jim
ITLP A1 Antolovic Laurie
ITLP 2014 Arkins Donna
ITLP 2018 Arton Carla
ITBC 2016 Baker Susan
ITBC 2018 Baker Tim
ITLP 2010 Balas Ed
ITBC 2017 Baldwin Alex
ITBC 2014 Barham Ellyn
ITLP 2009 Barnett Bill
ITBC 2018 Basham Chris
ITLP 2009 Bazler Tara
ITLP 2014 Beale Brandon
ITBC 2014 Beals Damon
ITBC 2017 Beery Heather
ITBC 2014 Bennett James
ITLP 2014 Bennison Steve
ITBC 2016 Bezzy Chris
ITBC 2014 Bickel David
ITLP 2017 Birdwell Tracey
ITBC 2018 Blakely Dorita
ITBC 2013 Boles Gregory Robert
ITLP 2012 Booher Mike
ITLP 2014 Boyles Mike
ITLP 2015 Bradley Tina
ITBC 2010 Brahaum Jason S
ITLP 2014 Brenner Greg
ITBC 2017 Broadstreet Terry
ITBC 2015 Brokamp Kevin
ITBC 2018 Brooks Aaron
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2018 Brooks Jamey
ITBC 2017 Browning Gary
ITLP 2015 Browning Grover
ITLP A1 Bruhn Mark
ITBC 2015 Bryner Bruce
ITLP 2010 Buckin Pete
ITBC 2016 Burnworth Katie
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2017 Butler Joe
ITLP 2015 Byrer Nathan
ITLP 2010 Byrne Ailish
ITBC 2014 Cannon Vince
ITBC 2009 Cantrell Kelley R
ITBC 2016 Castellan Caryn
ITBC 2017 Chambers Doug
ITLP CIC 3 Chambers Sara
ITBC 2017 Chambliss Amanda
ITLP 2012 Chaora Anesu
ITLP 2009 Chitwood Marianne
ITBC 2015 Chuon Sovanna
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2012 Church Beverly
ITLP 2018 Clark Tanya
ITLP 2010 Clegg Paul
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2017 Clements Danny
ITBC 2011 SWITC Collier Zach
ITLP 2014 Collins Mike
ITBC 2009 Cook Jonathan
ITBC 2018 Cook Lindsey
ITCB 2018 Cooke Allison
ITBC 2016 Cooper Leslee
ITLP 2010 Cosens Eric
ITBC 2013 Couch Sarah M K
ITLP 2015 Cox Stephanie
ITBC 2011, ITLP 2014 Craig Denise
ITBC 2011 SWITC Cravens Justin Joe
ITBC 2016 Crohn Lynne
ITLP CIC 1 Cromwell Dennis
ITBC 2014 Crouch Brian
ITLP 2010 Cuellar Terri
ITBC 2013 Cummings Janae Danielle
ITLP 2015 Cusimano Kevin
ITBC 2016 Dalton Michael
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2018 Danielson Keith A
ITLP 2012 Davidson Kaye
ITBC 2014 Davis Jefferson
ITLP CIC 1 Davis Tom
ITBC 2014 Dawson Theresa
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2015 Decker Matt
ITBC 2010 Dockter Shannon K
ITLP 2010 Donaldson David
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Donovan Corey
ITLP 2009 Duke Todd
ITBC 2009, ITLP 2010 Duncan Jay
ITLP 2009 Dunn Jon
ITLP 2014 Durkin Terry
ITLP 2009 Dye Chip
ITLP 2015 Ebdon Melanie
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2014 Eder Kevin
ITLP 2012 Egan Marsha
ITBC 2011 Ellis Kate
ITLP A1 Elmore Garland
ITBC 2017 Elyea David
ITBC 2009 Elyea Heather J
ITBC 2011 Embry Randall Paul
ITBC 2010 Engel Sarah J
ITBC 20019, ITLP 2012 England Chris
ITLP 2012 Enyeart Mike
ITBC 2014 Escue Charles
ITBC 2018 Estell Matt
ITBC 2017 Evans Andy
ITBC 2009 Farmer Jacob
ITBC 2011 Farris Joann M
ITLP 2012 Federwisch Mark
ITLP 2014 Fejdasz Steve
ITLP 2010 Fields Bill
ITBC 2010 Fields Regan L
ITBC 2018 Figurelli Dan
ITBC 2015, ITLP 2017 Finnell Michael
ITLP CIC 1 Fitzpatrick Christine
ITLP 2017 Fletcher Mike
ITLP 2009 Flynn Bob
ITLP 2018 French Tony
ITLP 2009 Ford Momi
ITBC 2010 Fox L Allen
ITBC 2011 Francis James N
ITBC 2015 Gabriel Henry
ITBC 2013 Garrett Caleb Thomas
ITBC 2011 Garrett Karen Lynn
ITBC 2013 Garrett Seth B
ITBC 2011 SWITC Gebhart Kelly M
ITCB 2018 Geels Ben
ITLP 2014 Geib Jeremy
ITLP 2015 Geno Rodney
ITLP 2014 Giles Clark
ITLP 2010 Gillespie Dennis
ITBC 2015 Glass Justin
ITBC 2013 Golden Chris
ITBC 2018 Gonin Madeleine
ITBC 2016 Goodner Mark
ITLP 2009 Goodrum David
ITBC 2010 Gopu Arvind
ITLP 2009 Gosney John
ITBC 2013, ITLP 2015 Goth Tim
ITBC 2017 Grant Johnathan
ITBC 2011 SWITC Graves Anthony K
ITBC 2017 Grdina Madelein
ITBC 2011 Greenberg David A
ITLP 2010 Grinstead Don
ITBC 2018 Gross Kyle
ITLP CIC 4 Guinn Kirt
ITLP 2014 Gunkel Matt
ITBC 2010 Hacker II Joseph H
ITLP 2010 Haff Cinda
ITLP 2012 Hanania Marwan
ITLP 2010 Hancock Dave
ITPL 2018 Harper Garrett Michael
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2017 Hartman Michelle
ITLP 2012 Hawkins Brian
ITBC 2017 Haynes Monica
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Headdy-Fox Lora
ITBC 2015 Hemmerlein Scott
ITLP 2009 Herring Todd
ITLP CIC 2 Herron Jon-Paul
ITLP 2012 Himebaugh Bryce
ITBC 2013 Hoerr John F
ITBC 2011 SWITC Holden Kate
ITLP 2015 Hostetler Drew
ITBC 2017 Howard  Stewart
ITBC 2014 Hubbard Fred
ITLP 2015 Huck Wayne
ITBC 2014 Humbert Joe
ITBC 2018 Hunt Emily
ITBC 2011 Hunter David B.
ITLP 2014 Husk Joe
ITLP 2017 Husted Wayne
ITLP 2015 Inman Rhonda
ITBC 2011 Iovino Gabriel G
ITBC 2018 Jackley Kristen
ITLP 2010 Jackson Renee
ITLP 2009 Jackson Rick
ITBC 2010 Janke Thomas James
ITBC 2017 Jean Ross
ITLP 2018 Jensen Anna Kristin
ITLP A1 Jent Dave
ITBC 2009 Jessee Tina Golini
ITBC 2013 Johnson Lynda C
ITBC 2011 Johnson Nathaniel Alan
ITBC 2010 Johnson Nathaniel W
ITLP 2018 Johnson Tom
ITBC 2011 Johnson Jr William T
ITBC 2016 Jones Ceci
ITBC 2013 Jones Donna Kay
ITBC 2018 Jones Mikeal
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2014 Kallback-Rose Kristy
ITBC 2015 Kamarauskas Julie
ITBC 2013, ITLP 2015 Kelmer Michele
ITBC 2015 Kent Janice
ITLP 2012 Kidwai Asif
ITBC 2017 Kile Cheryl
ITLP 2010 Kippenbrock Jim
ITBC 2017 Kirk Todd
ITLP 2012 Kish Kelly
ITBC 2011 SWITC Kizer III Rudolph H
ITBC 2011 Kloote Jr Charles W
ITLP 2015 Knepper Rich
ITLP 2009 Knudsen Ulrik
ITLP 2012 Komasinski Blaine
ITLP CIC 4 Korty Andy
ITBC 2018 Krause Nicolle
ITLP 2018 Kress Laura
ITBC 2015 Lamm Fitri
ITLP 2015 Lane Breda
ITBC 2011 SWITC Langston Joel B
ITLP 2009 Lavagnino Merri Beth
ITLP 2014 LeDuc Rich
ITLP 2017 Lee Andrew
ITBC 2018 Leedy Lisa
ITLP 2017 Lehigh Keith
ITBC 2015 Leslie Matt
ITLP 2009 Li Jie
ITBC 2016 Liford Lisa
ITBC 2017 Lindenlaub Peg
ITLP CIC 4 Link Matt
ITBC 2011 SWITC Littman Mark B
ITLP 2015 Litvanyi Caren
ITLP 2017 Long Ken
ITBC 2009 Long Nancy Anne
ITBC 2016 Lopez Jim
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Lord Austin
ITBC 2011 SWITC Louly Nizar Chafik
ITLP CIC 3 Lowden Rob
ITLP CIC 3 Lucas Mike
ITBC 2016 Lutz Justin
ITBC 2018 Lykins Kevin
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2015 Lynch Anna
ITLP 2010 Lynch Mark
ITBC 2011 Lyon Nicole R
ITBC 2016 Maier Noma
ITBC 2010 Markland Rebecca A
ITBC 2018 Martin Matt
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Maupin Joy
ITBC 2011 Maurer Christopher Wayne
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2012 May Megan
ITBC 2018 May Nancy
ITLP CIC 4 McCaulay Scott
ITLP 2010 McClary Charles
ITLP 2010 McConahay Mark
ITBC 2014 McCracken Mitch
ITLP 2012 McDaniel Shannon
ITLP 2014 McGookey James
ITLP CIC 3 McGough Brian
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2017 McGregor Geoff
ITLP 2017 McKay Clinton
ITLP 2012 McMahel Jon
ITBC 2016 McNaughton Jesse
ITLP 2014 McNew Angie
IU IT Leaders Melluck Kim
ITBC 2011 SWITC Mendick Michael Milton
ITLP 2017 Meraz Richard
ITLP 2014 Mercer Jay
ITBC 2013 Michael Scott A
ITLP 2010 Mikulak Phil
ITLP CIC 3 Milford Kim
ITBC 2010 Milford Ronald Edward
ITLP 2012 Miller Dan
ITLP 2010 Miller Therese
ITBC 2013 Milner Alan J
ITBC 2009 Moore Gregory A
ITBC 2010, ITLP 2014 Morgan Michael
ITLP 2017 Morris Geoff
ITBC 2014 Morris Maria
ITLP A1 Morrone Stacy
ITBC 2017 Mullins Matt
ITLP 2017 Murray Scott
ITBC 2015 Myers Andrew
ITLP 2017 Myers Bill
ITLP 2015 Napier Mark
ITLP 2012 Neal Aaron
ITLP 2017 Neal Todd
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2017 Newbrough Randy
ITBC 2016 Newlin Liam
ITLP 2014 Niswander Mark
ITBC 2011 SWITC Norzinskay Beth L
ITLP 2015 O'Connor Lora
ITLP 2018 O'Donnell Chris
ITBC 2011 SWITC Ogle Gregory
ITLP 2015 O'Guinn Dave
ITLP 2017 Orr Scott
ITLP 2010 Osborne Nik
ITBC 2016 Pairitz Nate
ITLP 2015 Parmenter Julie
ITLP 2010 Payne Chris
ITLP 2012 Pearson Doug
ITBC 2011 Pearson Teresa K
ITBC 2009 Peck Stephen F
ITBC 2017 Lindenlaub Peg
ITLP 2009 Pennington arl
ITBC 2015 Perez Nitocris
ITBC 2015 Phillips Patrick
ITLP CIC 4 Piedmont Jill
ITLP 2018 Pierce Marlon
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2017 Pigors Aaron
ITBC 2014 Ping Robert
ITLP 2012 Pohlen Jeff
ITBC 2010 Pollock Lori A
ITLP 2014 Ponella Phil
ITBC 2009 Potchanant Joseph Allen
ITBC 2015 Powell Amy
ITBC 2017 Pradhan Asik
ITBC 2015 Pratcher Amber
ITBC 2011 SWITC Pusz Andrew
ITBC 2017 Pusz Drew
ITBC 2016 Pwluk Heather
ITBC 2011 Quass Kyle T
ITBC 2013 Quick Robert E
ITBC 2009 Radue Anna K
ITBC 2018 Ragusa Andrew
ITBC 2018 Ray Joanna
ITLP 2012 Ray Nick
ITBC 2014 Retherford Lesley
ITLP 2010 Rhine Carl
ITBC 2010 Rhodes Carol S
ITBC 2013 Ricci Margaret P
ITLP 2014 Richwine Brian
ITBC 2009 Rinkovsky Joseph C
ITLP 2010 Riss Larry
ITLP 2010 Rivers Chris
ITLP 2014 Robb Chris
ITBC 2013 Robinson Justin S
ITLP 2018 Robison Jenn
ITBC 2014 Roland Ryan
ITLP 2017 Royer Christan
ITBC 2017 Rund Brandi
ITBC 2013, ITLP 2017 Russell James
ITBC 2009, ITLP 2012 Russell Mark
ITBC 2011, ITLP 2014 Ryder Tim
ITLP 2017 Ryner Doug
ITLP 2018 Sadek Shady
ITBC 2017 Samuel Jessica
ITLP 2012 Samuel John
ITBC 2015, ITLP 2018 Sargent Matt
ITLP 2010 Sawyer Tom
ITLP 2009 Schau Duane
ITBC 2013 Schunk Lisa D
ITLP 2018 Scott Jill
ITBC 2015 Scull Eric
ITBC 2013 Seitz Lesley Jayne
ITBC 2011, ITLP 2012 Shankar Ganesh
IU IT Leaders Sharpe Paul
ITBC 2013 Shepherd Richard
ITBC 2011, ITLP 2017 Sherk John
ITLP 2018 Siefert Kurt
ITBC 2011, ITLP 2014 Siefert-Herron Daphne
ITLP 2012 Siering Greg
ITBC 2018 Slaughter Tara
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2018 Smith Adam
ITLP 2018 Smith Faye
ITBC 2015 Smith Misty
ITBC 2016 Smith Tina
ITBC 2014 Smith Trish
ITBC 2017 Snapp-Childs Winona
ITLP 2018 Sons Susan
ITLP 2017 Spanburg Craig
ITLP 2018 Spaulding Michael
ITBC 2011 Spears Tim
ITLP CIC 2 Speelmon Lance
ITBC 2010 Spencer Mark
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2018 Stahl Jeff
ITBC 2018 Stallion Sam
ITBC 2016 Starks Heather
ITLP 2009 Staton Lee
ITBC 2011 Sterrett Katherine M
ITLP A1 Stewart Craig
ITBC 2016 Stores Mary
ITBC 2011 Stowers Anne Bartlett
ITBC 2017 Sullivan Velate
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Swanson Justin
ITBC 2009 Sweeny Jonny
ITBC 2010 Swinson Sheryl
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2012 Swoverland Craig
ITBC 2016 Sykes Jason
ITCB 2018 Tabor Nic
ITLP 2014 Tagliaferri Juliana
ITBC 2011 SWITC Tavares Michel C
ITBC 2014 Taylor Michael
ITLP 2018 Thrasher Tally
ITBC 2017 Thatcher Julie
ITBC 2009, ITLP CIC 2 Thomas James A
ITBC 2017 Thompson Aimee
ITLP 2009 Thompson Sandy
ITLP 2015 Tompkins Chris
ITBC 2018 Thota Abhinav
ITBC 2011 SWITC Trajkovski Tome
ITLP 2018 Trehan Manjit
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2012 Trivett Brian
ITBC 2013 Tucker Allen Earl
ITLP 2017 Tuna Esen
ITLP 2012 Uncapher Mark
ITBC 2009 Usrey Toni
ITBC 2018 Vallow Ryan
ITLP CIC 2 Van Gordon Elizabeth
ITBC 2009, ITLP CIC 2 Van Horn Jennifer
ITLP 2009 Vaughn Michael
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2018 Vega Ryan
ITBC 2017 Velasquez Teresa
ITBC 2009 Venstra Elizabeth
ITLP 2015 Ventura Ed
ITBC 2017 Vest Shawn
ITBC 2014 Visnius Tom
ITBC 2018 Von Ogden Nick
ITBC 2013 Wagner Martin John
ITBC 2015 Walker Tony
ITBC 2009, ITLP CIC 3 Walsh Alan
ITLP A1 Walsh Barry
ITBC 2013 Ware Eleanor B
ITBC 2015, ITLP 2017 Washburn Ian
ITLP 2010 Watkins Karen
ITLP 2014 Watkins Paul
ITLP 2014 Weakley John
ITBC 2011 SWITC Weidner Kathleen J.
ITBC 2014, ITLP 2017 Weilhamer Caroline
ITLP 2009 Wernert Eric
ITLP 2010 Wernert Julie
ITLP 2012 Westfall Eric
ITBC 2011 Whitaker Maria Claudia
ITBC 2014 Wilkerson Ross
ITBC 2014 Williams Lesa
ITLP 2015 Williams Troy
ITBC 2009 Williamson Adam M
ITBC 2009 Wilson John
ITLP 2009 Wilson Marc
ITBC 2009 Wilson Scotty Z.
ITBC 2016 Wisley Laura
ITLP 2009 Wood Carol
ITLP CIC 1 Workman Sue
ITBC 2015 Wray Dale
ITBC 2016, ITLP 2018 Ying Kris
ITBC 2011 SWITC, ITLP 2014 Yocom James R.
ITLP 2009 Young Dan
ITBC 2018 Young Mike
ITLP 2015 Young Myriam
ITBC 2017 Younger Matt
ITBC 2016 Yu Marie
ITBC 2016 Zalewski Namrata
ITBC 2017, ITLP 2018 Zemlyak Justin
ITBC 2018 Zimmerman Kelly
ITBC 2015 Zook Jordon