First Technologist Recognition award winners honored at Statewide IT

The IU IT Leadership Community (ITLC) created the first annual information technology awards and recognition program. We wanted to build a sense of community and pride among IT staff, recognize outstanding leaders at all levels, and increase awareness of IT projects and accomplishments.

This year, there were three award categories focused on rising IT leaders with five or fewer years' experience, senior IT leadership with at least 15 years' experience, and IT teams. Awards were open to employees in IT at Indiana University regardless of school or department.

The award winners were honored at the Statewide IT conference in October. The recipients in each category truly represent the best qualities of leadership and reflect the deep talent in UITS.

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Speaker Series video and slides

Ray Luther and Eric Johnson from the Kelley School of Business, presented Leader as Coach on November 15. In case you missed it:

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Workshop video and slides

How to negotiate: A primer is the first in a two-part series led by Professor Lisa Blomgren Amsler of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs-Bloomington. She presented on November 3. In case you missed it:

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Featured alumni

Renee Jackson

"Because of my love of working with people and technology, every role I’ve held with IU has been in client support."

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Memories of a happy camper

Teresa Velasquez

"Along with 29 other UITS colleagues, I was the fortunate recipient of an invitation to participate in this year's IT Leadership Boot Camp."

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MOR Associates annual virtual conference wrap-up

MOR's June 20 virtual conference, Re-Imagining IT - The Journey Continues, was designed to further encourage a national dialogue, so that universities could learn from one another and to reflect on how they might re-imagine IT. In case you missed it, here are some valuable links:


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What is the IT Leadership Community?

ITLC is a group of like-minded professionals at Indiana University with leadership training (both formal and informal) and an interest in continuing the growth of leadership in themselves and other IT professionals at IU.

IU's CIO and VP for IT Brad Wheeler on IT Leadership at IU - Courtesy UITS and IT Communications

Our mission

To empower current and future IT leaders by increasing communication, building community, and coordinating continuing education and outreach opportunities

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