Opportunities icon Development Opportunities and Events

The ITLC will also help coordinate other events throughout the year, such as social gatherings, meet-ups, discussion sessions, lunch-and-learns, and more. Some items we've been working on in recent months:

  • Book Discussion Groups
  • TED Talks discussions
  • Guest Speaker Series
  • Workshops
  • Formal Mentor Program

If you are interested, contact anyone on the board and we'll get you involved. Check our latest announcements for details as well.

IT Leaders Bootcamp

UITS has been running an IT Leaders Bootcamp for up and coming leaders in the IT community. Many of the Bootcamp graduates have gone on to the IT Leaders Program through MOR Associates and/or the MOR Associates annual conference. Further, these graduates often return to help with the next Bootcamp.

The Bootcamps, now coordinated by an Action Team of the ITLC Board and others in the community, are a way for emerging IT leaders to learn some of the MOR concepts and network with their peers. They also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with current leaders from across the IU enterprise. This multiple-day split session is typically held at Bradford Woods in the summer. Various members of UITS and edge IT units are invited.

Topics include: strategic thinking, SWOT analysis, leading from the balcony, three lenses, relationship building, outcomes-focused meetings, coaching, and more.

Statewide IT Conference Sessions

The ITLC and ITLC Board will ensure that leaderful sessions are presented (and do not overlap) at the annual Statewide IT Conferences. If you wish to present on a topic related to IT leadership and MOR discussions, we encourage you to work with the ITLC to coordinate with other similar presentations.

In addition, the ITLC will host pre-conference networking events and provide a way to access previous session archives. See Resources for methods of accessing these materials.

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