Technologist Recognition awards

First Technologist Recognition award winners honored at Statewide IT

The IU IT Leadership Community (ITLC) created the first annual information technology awards and recognition program. We wanted to build a sense of community and pride among IT staff, recognize outstanding leaders at all levels, and increase awareness of IT projects and accomplishments. 

This year, there were three award categories focused on rising IT leaders with five or fewer years' experience, senior IT leadership with at least 15 years' experience, and IT teams.  Awards were open to employees in IT at Indiana University regardless of school or department.

The award winners were honored at the Statewide IT conference in October. The recipients in each category truly represent the best qualities of leadership and reflect the deep talent in UITS.

Promise of the Future/Rising IT Leaders award: Emily Hunt

This year's awardee, Emily Hunt, has shown the professional and personal traits that exemplify a rising leader. To quote some of her colleagues:

"Emily has exhibited leadership as a consultant inspiring everyone in her area to get involved in improving documentation and procedures. The leadership she exhibited as the Mission Critical and E-Learning Coordinator has cultivated a fresh morale and sense of purpose for Mission Critical. And the leadership she exhibited as the SharePoint Transition project manager brought the many complex parts of the project into focus and enabled them to find adequate and timely replacements for various needs."

"Twice she has been asked to take a leadership role over a team that was recently restructured and taking on more work. In each situation, she has made significant progress in encouraging the teams to collaborate and get out of their comfort zones, while gaining the respect of more senior, established team members."

Emily Hunt

Senior IT Leadership award: Tom Visnius

This year's winner, Tom Visnius, has demonstrated leadership skills across the Enterprise Systems organization in UITS, not just within the confines of his home team. He actively participates in and contributes to strategy discussions that will benefit services to employees, and he influences the technical direction in UITS. Within his own team, he is a proven leader with innovative solutions and great training and mentoring skills.

His involvement in the ES Technology Advisory Group, and his future involvement in the PeopleSoft/ERP Development COP, has influenced and will continue to influence the direction of Enterprise Systems technology. He develops deep knowledge of other areas through his business relationships and understands how their automation solutions might be applied; by the same token, he sees other areas having issues and recommends solutions to fix them based on his expertise and experience, and he is willing to help those teams find and implement appropriate solutions.

Above all, he has tremendous integrity, exhibits almost inhuman positivity, is friendly and straightforward, and behaves like a true professional in every interaction.

Tom Visnius

IT Leadership Team Collaboration award: the HRMS team

Over the past year, the HRMS team has led the way in adopting new features and functions in PeopleSoft to better serve the business and end user employees, have been handling every administrative efficiency initiative in a timely fashion as well as adding new features for faculty in eDossier and Activity Insight.

HRMS team

Watch for a call for nominations next year so that you can help honor those who serve the university and their colleagues well. A selection committee will review all submissions and notify the award winners.  A formal awards ceremony will take place at the IU Statewide IT Conference. 

Three cheers for this year's winners!

More about the awards

Promise of the Future/Rising IT Leaders

It is important to recognize and highlight future leaders in IT.  A steady stream of future leaders is imperative to a strong, healthy IT organization.  As such, the ITLC would like to recognize our rising IT leaders.   Anyone who has held a PAO, PAU, or PAE IT position at Indiana University for 5 years or less by July 1 is eligible for to be considered for this award.  Ideal candidates must be able to document significant professional accomplishments, be actively involved within the community, and demonstrate leadership qualities in the workplace and/or community. 

Senior IT Leadership

Successful senior IT leaders exhibit strong, positive qualities that both inspire and motivate others.  Eligible candidates must have at least 15 years experience in IT based leadership positions.  The ideal candidate can document leadership in the areas of:

  • Strategic Vision
  • Trust Builder
  • Culture Builder
  • Risk Taker
  • Open Communicator
  • Mentor
  • Inspirational
  • Motivate through Action

IT Leadership Team Collaboration

This award is to recognize high performance by groups of cross-functional teams in support of the transformational projects across IU which furthered the University mission and priorities. This award reflects the complex environment of the university and reinforces the collaboration and partnership necessary to achieve key goals.

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Successfully Worked on Transformational Projects in IT
  • Team most exemplify the values of our organization and embody our mission
  • Impacts the university in a significant way
  • Worked across multiple units to achieve results
  • Have developed or adapted simple, effective, processes
  • Clear and agreed-upon roles and responsibilities

For questions regarding the ITLC Technologist Recognition process or any of the awards, please contact Nathan Byrer (