REPORT: 2014 MOR Conference

We wanted to take this time to follow-up on the 2014 MOR Leaders Conference, held here locally at Indiana University as well as virtually across the country. It spanned 30 universities and included 800 attendees. IU hosted Brian McDonald and Jim Deziak from MOR Associates as well as 50 of our own IT leaders. Even more encouraging is that many of those 50 came out of the most recent ITLP cohort!

For more information on getting involved or to share your own IT Leadership events and content, contact anyone in the ITLC Board.

Here is a brief list of take-aways and ah-hahs.

  • Cloud Computing: There have been many discussions, presentations, and proposals on cloud computing at IU. We had a thrilling discussion and some actionable items from the conference. We’ll have more on this later, but if you’re interested in finding out more or helping, contact Jim Thomas (jthomas). I should mention that our current IT Leaders Bootcamp is discussing Cloud Computing at IU as well.
  • IU IT Leaders Progress
    • Community: The IT Leadership Community is a formation of everyone at IU who has been to the IT Leaders Program by MOR or our IU IT Leaders Bootcamp. We are trying to broaden not only the community, but also reach out to others who are interested in coming into the fold. This is a huge, multi-pronged effort.
    • Email List: An email list has been formed and is being used to send this follow-up. We hope to keep you informed of leadership-related events, get-togethers, and goings-on at IU.
    • The Database: Everyone sees the importance of a listing of people in the ITLC to show skills, expertise, experience, and willingness to coach and mentor. There are obvious tools to use for this networking piece of the community, but choosing one is not trivial. The vehicle we choose could facilitate many facets of the ITLC, including most items mentioned in this message. Stay tuned!
    • Events: Not only do we want to continue to help with the MOR Conference, the IT Leaders Bootcamp, and Statewide IT coordination, we want to see other events. There are some great thoughts on brown bag lunches, book readings, half- and full-day events like the 19th, and more. It is refreshing and exciting to see so many people interested in this part of the ITLC. We already have a few people with whom we will be speaking about their own ideas on this. Again, look for more information on these soon.
    • Again, to get involved contact anyone on the board.
  • Prepare for Change: The important lesson from the MOR portion of the day is not just to build yourself, create and maintain relationships, and be intentional about your leaderful behavior. But it was about change – change in higher education and IT, and how we as collective leaders and IT professionals tackle, embrace, and affect these changes.

Thank you to MOR Associates, UITS, the ITLC Board, DeVault Alumni Hall, IT Communications Office, James McGookey from Collaboration Technologies, Kaci May from OVPIT, and more. This was a huge success, and we hope you will all stay tuned, be proactive and intentional, and help us continue to grow the great leadership community we have fostered at IU.