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December 2014 Update
Welcome to another IT Leadership Community Update. We have a lot of activities going on as you'll see below and we hope to see you involved in as much as possible to keep your journey going. Remember over the holiday break to maintain that leaderful focus - it is so easy to let things slide, especially after longer breaks from work or routine. There should be no need for a New Year's Resolution to do more defensive calendaring or give more coaching to your staff - do it regularly and consistently and you'll have on-going successes!
In this update:
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MOR Celebrates10 Years
MOR Associates, who has helped all of us in the ITLC, is celebrating ten years of their IT Leaders Program. We want to thank them in this email for all they have done in helping us all grow. IU has been a part of the MOR community since 2007, involved in CIC ITLP cohorts, IU cohorts, and of course our own IT Leaders Bootcamp which was born out of the ITLP. Here are some words of wisdom from Jim Bruce and others.
In the ten years since that first dedicated IT Leaders workshop, the leaders program in its several forms, has been offered over 80 times (including programs in the 2014-15 cycle) to some 2200 individuals from 36 universities.
Bill Clebsch, Stanford’s Associate Vice President for IT Services stated it this way:
“Folks came back from IT Leaders with stories of great practical experience about Jim, and wild stories about Brian that kind of scared the people who were in line to come next. It was great! The graduates had a common language and a commitment that allowed them to be so effective at working together that was an utter delight. They achieved new levels of leadership. They.Got.Stuff.Done!"
It has been our privilege as well as our pleasure to serve each of you who have attended one of the leaders programs over the last ten years and the institutions who have trusted us with the development of their staff. We value the relationships we have formed with you and look forward to supporting your development as you continue your leadership journey.
As IU continues to invest in the IT Leadership Program and its own IT Leaders Bootcamp, we hope you'll support all of your staff and coworkers who go through these wonderful programs. And for those who cannot yet attend one of these seminars or conferences, the IT Leadership Community at IU is here to help and provide as much out-of-band opportunities as possible.
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Learning and Sharing Opportunities
Thanks to several action teams, the ITLC is continuing to coordinate some items and announcing some new initiatives, all explained below.
  • Formal Mentoring Program: After Statewide we are processing the valuable information you provided us. We have contacted those who volunteered to be mentors providing tips and a form to collect information that will facilitate making matches. All interested potential mentors are invited to attend a brownbag discussion at noon on Thursday, December 18, in CIB 313A or via video bridge 225842. If you are interested in more information, contact Deb Allmayer.
  • Speaker Series: Tim Baldwin and Building Winning Cultures
    In the first of what we hope will be many of our Speaker Series, Tim Baldwin from the Kelley School of Business will join us to tell us what it takes to build a winning culture. You won't want to miss it.
    • What: Building Winning Cultures
    • Who: Tim Baldwin
      • Chairperson, Management and Entrepreneurship
      • Eveleigh Professor of Business Leadership
      • Faculty Liaison, Executive Degree Programs
    • When: Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 1:30-3:00pm
    • Where: CIB Wrubel Lobby and IT-407 at IUPUI (no bridge or recording planned)
  • TED Talks Discussion Group: "The Power of Vulnerability" by Brené Brown, presented by Alan Walsh
    A new initiative that will see its first event is a discussion group on TED Talks. Gather together and view a relevant speaker and then discuss and share with your colleagues. Alan Walsh leads us for our first event in the series.
    • What: The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown
    • Presenter: Alan Walsh, Manager of Lifetime Engagement
    • Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
    • Time: Video screening 10:30-11am; Discussion 11:00am-Noon
    • Where: IUB Wrubel Lobby, IUPUI IT-203 (no bridge or recording planned)
  • Reading Group

    The IT Leadership Community is still hosting its first reading group session, which is studying the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. It's not too late to get involved!

    Reading Group Signup

    The reading group will meet over 10 weeks (started November 7), which will be broken into two five week sessions with a break for the holidays. We’ll cover a chapter of the book per week. The only "homework" for the reading group will be to have read the chapter for that week. The group will meet Fridays at 11 am with meeting rooms in both Bloomington and Indianapolis, along with the option to connect remotely.

Watch the ITLC email list and website for more information as we keep things moving, and look for announcements in near future.
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Lend a Hand
Are you interested in helping out with the ITLC Board? Do you want to help with any of the initiatives mentioned above? Do you know someone who should be added to the ITLC mailing list? If you want to be involved in any of these opportunities, contact someone from the ITLC Board (phone, email, or in-person) with questions. We'd love to have you help us!
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