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IT Leadership Community October 2014 Update
We hope you had a great time at the Statewide IT Conference and were able to attend some leadership-based events. For those of you who hosted a session, we hope it was a great success and we especially thank you for your leadership! In this brief ITLC update, we wanted to remind you of how you can get in touch with others from the community as well as how you can spread the word about our efforts.
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Initiatives and Events
Thanks to several action teams, the ITLC is presenting several initiatives in the coming months, including a workshop in November, discussion groups, speakers, and more. Here is a sample of what to expect:
  • Next Workshop: "Difficult Conversations", Tuesday November 11, 3-4:30pm

    Difficult Conversations Workshop Registration

    Location: Bloomington at the CIB Wrubel Lobby; at IUPUI in IT303 at the ICTC; regional campus registrants will be contacted to set up a location on their campus

  • Formal Mentoring Program: After Statewide we are processing the valuable information you provided us. Expect to hear about next steps soon. If you are interested, contact Deb Allmayer.
  • Reading Group

    The IT Leadership Program is happy to announce its first reading group session, which will study the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. If you’ve never read this book the reading group affords you the opportunity to read one of the bestselling leadership books of all time. If you have already read “Good to Great” join us for some lively discussion about how (and whether) Collins’ principles can be applied in a university setting.

    The reading group will meet over 10 weeks, which will be broken into two five week sessions with a break for the holidays. We’ll cover a chapter of the book per week. The only "homework" for the reading group will be to have read the chapter for that week. The group will meet Fridays at 11 am with meeting rooms in both Bloomington and Indianapolis, along with the option to connect remotely. Our first meeting will be November 7 please follow the directions below to sign up for the reading group.

    Reading Group Signup

  • Speaker Series: Possible upcoming Lunch & Learn - stay tuned!
  • TED Talks Discussion Group: Look for more information on this coming in January
Watch the ITLC email list and website for more information as we keep things moving, and look for announcements in near future.
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ITLC Opportunities
The IT Leadership Community was born out of graduates from the MOR Associates-led IT Leaders Program, as well as those from IU's IT Leaders Bootcamp. With over 250 folks involved, some of us felt the need to grow this further. We want to continue the journey of learning and leaning and leading, and we also want to get as many folks as we can involved. Anyone interested in being more strategic and leaderful in IT at IU is welcome to join. Spread the word, and send interested folks to us. Let's grow this community!
Are you interested in helping out with the ITLC Board? Do you want to help out with the IT Leaders Bootcamp initiative? If you want to be involved in any of these opportunities, contact someone from the ITLC Board (phone, email, or in-person) with questions. We'd love to have you help us!
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ITLC Feedback
We'd love to hear from you on any part of the IT Leadership Community. Just contact someone from the ITLC Board via phone, email, or in-person and we can discuss your feedback, concern, question, or suggestion. Just let us know.
IT Leadership Community
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