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IT Leadership Community September 2014 Update
We are pleased to release this update, the first of many from the IT Leadership Community, which will help you understand events, discussions, and topics surrounding leadership in IT at IU. The ITLC Board meets once a month and will try to present important and relevant items to the entire community. We hope this effort will continue well into the future to keep everyone informed and engaged.
If you have any suggestions on this update or the ITLC itself, please see the feedback section below.
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Statewide IT Conference Reminder
Most of you are aware of the 2014 Statewide IT Conference in October. We wanted to remind you of some of the leadership-oriented sessions going on those few days and hope you'll make some time to attend.
The following sessions have been identified by the ITLC Board as leaderful in nature. Visit the Statewide IT Conference website for more information and to fill out your own schedule!
  • Several Preconference Workshops and Training
  • "Meet & move: Speed networking" (IUWIT, Tuesday 1:30pm) - Practice your Four I's!
  • "Mentorship: Finding or becoming a guide" (Allmayer/Kelmer, Tuesday 3:50pm)
  • "Transforming an IT Department" (England, Wednesday 9:40am)
  • "The confidence code for women" (McRobbie/Morrone/Van Gordon/O'Bryan/Van Horn, Wednesday 10:50am)
  • "Presentation Skills" (Barnett, Wednesday 10:50am)
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Initiatives and Events
Thanks to several action teams, the ITLC will be presenting several initiatives in the coming months, including discussion groups, speakers, and workshops. Here is a sample of what to expect:
  • Reading and Discussion Groups: Discussion on books, articles, MOR Associates' Tuesday Readings, TED Talks, and more
  • Workshops: (one already slated for November - stay tuned!)
  • Speaker Series: (also in the works)
Stay tuned for more information as we wrap these up, and look for announcements in near future.
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ITLC Board and Bootcamp Volunteering
Are you interested in helping out with the ITLC Board? We help steer the IT Leadership Community events and planning, bringing together the 250+ IT Professionals at IU who have been touched by MOR Associates' incredible leadership concepts.
Do you want to help out with the IT Leaders Bootcamp initiative? Since 2009 and with the vision of IT Leaders like Alan Walsh, IU has provided a 2-day introductory seminar series for emerging leaders or leaders new to IU. Bradford Woods is a wonderful place to disconnect from your device and connect with your peers. Come help us out!
If you want to be involved in any of these opportunities, send an email to Chris England (the current planning chair) or contact someone from the ITLC Board with questions. We'd love to have you join us!
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ITLC Feedback Opportunities
We'd love to hear from you on any part of the IT Leadership Community. Just contact someone from the ITLC Board via phone, email, or in-person and we can discuss your feedback, concern, question, or suggestion. Just let us know.
IT Leadership Community
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