Recognition Programs

ITLC Technologist Recognition Program

The IU IT Leadership Community (ITLC) seeks to recognize the work of IT professionals at IU through the ITLC Technologist Recognition Program. The goal of this program is to build a sense of community and pride among IT staff, while recognizing outstanding leaders at all levels and increasing awareness of IT projects and accomplishments at IU. The ITLC Technologist Recognition program is open to all IT professionals at IU regardless of campus, school, or department.

Award winners are honored during the Statewide IT Conference each year. There are five categories of awards:

Call for nominations

The call for nominations for all ITLC Technologist Recognition Awards is now closed for 2023. Anyone may have submited a nomination for another person or their team. Nominators, provided:

  • Your contact information
  • Nominee contact information
  • A brief narrative on how you know the nominee
  • A narrative detailing how the nominee exemplifies the award criteria

Nominators may be contacted to provide additional narrative and documentation to support their nomination. Your nomination materials will be shared with the nominee.

Review process

The selection committee has reviewed all submissions and will make their decision on the award winners by March 2023. Notifications to the award winners will be made shortly thereafter. A formal awards ceremony will take place at the IU Statewide IT Conference in April 2023.

For questions regarding the ITLC Technologist Recognition program, process, or awards, please contact Jesse Lambertson.

2023 Nominees

Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alexander Patterson

"Alex always has a positive attitude. He is very kind and patient with whomever he is helping with an IT problem. He takes the time to explain things so that even the most simple minded person will understand. Alex is an amazing person and we are very lucky to work with him."

Melanie Ebdon

"As the former head of IUWIT, an active member in the ITLC D&I Action team, and just an overall staunch supporter and advocated for inclusion at IU, Melanie Ebdon is the perfect choice for this award. She leads her team with a DEI focus. Her willingness to teach others how to lead while prioritizing and championing DEI has made her a mentor and remodel to many."

The Assistive Technology and Accessiblity Centers (ATAC)

"The ATAC works continuously to be a reliable resource to students, faculty, and staff across a variety of IU campuses. They not only help train students with disabilities on available adaptive technology, but train faculty on making their courses accessible. The ATAC team effort in launching Anthology Ally raises awareness of DEI issues and pushes for change, but ultimately encourages inclusivity for all of IU."

Champion of Leadership Development

David Goldberg

David Goldberg has made many invaluable contributions to the IT Leadership community (ITLC) by serving on several Action Teams and on the Board. He is willing to jump in and do the work but is also a gifted leader that takes the time and care to help others with their leadership development. If you want to learn how to develop as a leader, get to know David and learn from him.

Susan E McGuire

"Susan is the best and also gets to the bottom of an issue before hanging up. She finds the solution and ensures the problem does not surface again."


Madeleine Gonin

"Madeleine Gonin is a true champion of leadership development. She has served as a role model for the leadership community, selflessly dedicating countless hours to the ITLC through volunteer work as Chair of the ITLC Board, and in collaboration with other ITLC groups. Madeleine is also exceptionally gifted at empowering others to lead from where they are, driving engagement, and making everyone feel welcomed and included. Through these talents and the demonstration of leadership, she brought into focus the Board’s role in nurturing IT leadership at IU, transforming the Board into a cohesive team of passionate leaders. Madeleine is truly a leader of leaders, and as the Chair of the ITLC she has not only met every criterion for this award, but has also brought people together, truly putting the “community,” in the IT Leadership Community. There is no one more deserving of being crowned this year’s Champion of Leadership than Madeleine Gonin."

IT Leadership Team Collaboration

The UITS Northwest Staff

"The IU Northwest campus team is responsive, approachable and knowledgeable. They are the true "behind the scenes heroes" that make our lives easier!"

CITO Zone 4

"CITO, and especially CITO Zone 4, provides very good customer service despite a heavy workload and an often agitated group of customers. I am thankful for their professional and speedy service, always."

Education Technology Services

"Education Technology Services is an incredibly resilient team that is truly the embodiment of leading from where you are, adaptability, collaboration, and teamwork. ETS is an IT shop with a great culture where people love to work, are proud to be a part of, and allowed to thrive by doing what they do best every day. The excellent team collaboration and leadership of ETS has resulted in exemplary service and expediency among the School of Education, as well as the fostering of relationships and improvements for the entire IT at IU community. ETS are true leaders in the IT Pro community as demonstrated by their stellar collaboration, technological innovations, and excellence in service. "

UITS Support Center

"The Support Center Frontline, Mission Critical, Knowledge Base, and TCC staff interface with difficult technical challenges daily. Our staff work hard, always going above and beyond to provide outstanding service to our clients. Our supervisors always offer a listening ear, provide creative solutions, and suggest ways to make processes and procedures not only better, but the best for our consultants. As a team, we have grown both personally and professionally, while continuing to foster a welcoming environment and a great working atmosphere for our staff."

The Center of Excellence for Women & Technology

"The Center of Excellence for Women & Technology prepares women to be future IT and technology professionals and leaders, including our own IU students, staff, faculty, and women nationally, internationally, and historically through our marketing, our awards, our speakers, our programming, and our storytelling."

Promise of the Future

Zachary Snyder

"Zach consistently contributes to the success of UITS by continuedly improving the student experience and highlighting UITS programs and spaces to stakeholders within and outside of Indiana University. "

Cassi Tucker

"Cassi Tucker has helped transform the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art's ability to provide access to our amazing collection of more than 45,000 works of art. Our museum has benefited greatly from her expertise and we are lucky to have her as a part of the team! "

Corey Tarbell

"Corey has been an amazing asset to ITCP and UITS. Thank you for all that you do!"

Marina Krenz

"It is a privilege to work with Marina and have someone with her skills and work ethic on my team."

Ian Campion

"Ian Campion is really something special. As UITS TechSelect’s IT Business Analyst, Ian’s scope of work is enormous, and it reaches across the university to hundreds of clients. As many might be aware, TechSelect has recently undergone rapid and substantial change. Ian has delivered substantially during this time of change like no one I have seen in my career. His documentation and requirement elicitation projects are quite large, and Ian has managed them with little supervision in a constantly changing environment, absolutely loaded with uncertainty. I am proud to call Ian a colleague, and our operation is significantly better because of his detailed, data-driven work. I am very excited to watch his career in IT grow and flourish. Thanks, Ian!"

Andrew Bell

"Andrew is a true IT professional that is not only skilled at providing top notch IT consulting but proactive and creative which is a powerful combination for enhancing the end-user experience from students to faculty/staff. Andrew approaches every challenge as an opportunity and embodies all of the nominee criteria. He is an attentive listener, a good teacher, supportive colleague, and a skilled problem solver. Andrew also has a great sense of humor, which helps mitigate frustrations. Andrew Bell is an excellent leader who applies his problem solving skills, strong work ethic, and proper attitude to be an superb team player."

Leila Randle

"Leila helps us see the big picture. Whenever she sees problems in process or approach, she isn’t afraid to bring them up. And she’s got the skillset to help solve them. She has spearheaded our onboarding processes, which is integral to our team’s success as we grow to meet President Whitten’s IU2030 plan pillars. And when she succeeds, she brings others along with her. She is always ready to succession plan, helping others learn new skills, and she represents our team in presentations to other IU partners. "

Mike Monaghan

"Mike Monaghan is a fantastic IT professional. He is relatable to us non-IT folks, he is always approachable and responsive as well as extremely knowledgeable about what can and cannot be done at IU. The staff and faculty in R3 appreciate him and his hard work to keep us all working!"

Spirit of Leadership

Adam Sweeny

"When you think of someone who leads by example, you think of Adam. Adam is never flashy and would never toot his own horn. He simply does what needs to be done and makes those around him better through his actions. IU is lucky to have Adam!"

Jesse Oakes

"Jesse Oakes’ leadership style is focused entirely on empowering other people. He serves as a role model for ethical behavior, clarity in communication, equity, and inclusion. This is true both for his direct reports, the IT Community at IU, and his colleagues in the IT Leadership Community. Jesse truly embodies the Spirt of Leadership and is an inspiration to us all. "

Mark Federwisch

"Mark has patiently, and often with humor, guided the School of Science through technology changes and upgrades, and calmly responded to computer crashes, floods, and reconstruction efforts. He helps us to maintain a safe and secure technological and information environment for all students, faculty, and staff in the school. He work has been consistently recognized by his peers and colleagues and adjectives such as 'trusted', 'very knowledgeable', 'responsive', and 'efficient and effective' have been regularly used to describe his quality of work. In summary, Mark is a great asset to the School of Science and a much valued colleague."

Michaele Leibacher

"Mickie makes IU what it is. She goes above and beyond her job description. She is always there and willing to help. She is knowledgeable in the IT world, and helps you navigate through your questions and inquires without hesitation. She is an amazing human and helps out Athletic department flow! "

Nicole Lyon

"Nicole shoulders a great many responsibilities in her former role as Assistant Manager and now current role as the Manager for Support Center Frontline, including interfacing with difficult technology and sometimes difficult customers across all campus locations. She always goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service to students, staff, and faculty. Nicole is always willing to go the extra mile, offer a listening ear, provide creative solutions, and suggest ways to make processes and procedures not only better, but the best. I have witnessed her tackle daunting campus-wide projects and pioneer team-developing tasks, executing them with grace and sweetness. "

Renee Jackson

"As a part of the alignment for service excellence, Renee and her team will be realigned into UITS. This process has been challenging for her team, and there is no other leader I would want to go through this with than Renee. She is a model of professionalism and a fount of experience able to calm nerves and address concerns. Renee has a background in project management, and she treats every problem like a project. She identifies knowns and unknowns, constraints, goals, and develops a strategy to help us achieve our outcomes. Though she is aligning to UITS, I am deeply grateful that I will be able to continue to work with her as a client. "

Zeke Henline

"Zeke is always ready to discuss how to approach an IT challenge within IU Policies and Procedures."

Jerry Neal

"Jerry is not only one of the more talented technical persons at UITS, but also an excellent mentor and teacher to others."

Dave Ernst